A 70-YEAR-OLD woman says Cardiff railway station needs a multi-level car park, after she received a $101 parking fine on a recent visit.
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Barbara and Warren Loades, of Belmont North, caught the train to meet friends in Sydney.

‘‘Thank God they put the elevator at the station – they want you to go there, but where the bloody hell do you park?’’ Mrs Loades said.

They parked on a grass verge in the station car park.

‘‘It was at the end of a row of parked cars,’’ she said.

‘‘There weren’t any no-parking signs there and the space looked well used.’’

Mrs Loades had initially looked elsewhere for a parking space, but the only spots were a distance away in steep areas.

Mrs Loades said the fine wasn’t cheap.

‘‘We are pensioners,’’ she said.

Four other cars parked on the verge were fined that day, she said.

‘‘What a nice little earner for Lake Macquarie council.

‘‘I would like to make other train travellers aware of this revenue-raising,’’ she said, adding she hoped ‘‘the council will be putting all this revenue into more parking’’.

A council statement said ‘‘all revenue collected from parking fines goes into council’s general revenue stream’’.

It said vehicles must be parked in marked bays.

‘‘That area around Cardiff station car park is renowned for illegal parking, which causes significant concern for local residents and other car park users.

‘‘Regular patrols are carried out in the car park and surrounding streets.’’

The Newcastle Herald reported last month that the council had agreed to sell the car park to the state government for $1.

Mrs Loades said the site should have a multi-level car park, but Charlestown MP Andrew Cornwell said he opposed such a plan.

Mr Cornwell said an extra 30 spaces would be reopened in the station’s upper car park, which was closed with the station’s recent $14million upgrade.

‘‘Employees used to take up a lot of those spots, whereas they will now be opened to customers,’’ Mr Cornwell said.

Almost 300,000 commuters a year use Cardiff railway station.

TICKET WOES: Warren and Barbara Loades received a $101 parking ticket after parking on a grass verge at Cardiff railway station. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

CRAMMED: Cars parked on the grass verge at Cardiff station, where Barbara Loades parked and received a $101 fine

Pensioner ire over Cardiff train station parking