WITH the Royals in town it’s important to be across the proper etiquette,just in case you get the opportunity to spend time with Prince William and Princess Kate.

The royals’ schedule is busy, but the couple are likely to mingle with locals at dinners, events, fetes and shows.

So here are some tips if you get a Royal visit.

Take our Quiz as we test your royal etiquette.

You could meet a prince or princess over the next week. Would you know how to greet them? Picture: Getty

You could meet a prince or princess over the next week. Would you know how to greet them? Picture: Getty

Dining – Pudding v Dessert. The final course of a dinner is ‘‘pudding’’ – never ‘‘dessert’’. If you call your lemon posset with spun sugar basket a dessert when dining with the hoity toity, you might as well prepare for a future of dining at all-you- can-eat buffet restaurants where you can help yourself to the dessert buffet for all eternity.

Introductions – Never say ‘‘pleased to meet you’’ when greeting a stranger. Rather, say, ‘‘How do you do?’’ If you don’t know who they are, can you be sure you really are pleased to meet them?

Meeting people – Review your handshake. Try to avoid being a wet fish or a bone crusher. People judge others on the quality of their handshake.

Social occasions – Avoid attending Facebook parties. If you’re invited anywhere by Facebook, don’t go. It won’t be worth it and you’ll probably be served beer in the bottle or be given wine that hasn’t been decanted.

Also, take the Quiz below and see how you rate.

How posh are you?

1. Which of the words below is the upmarket choice for the sweet course on a menu?





2. When meeting royalty, from where on the body should men bow?

The waist

The neck

The knees

Any of the above

3. When asked at the home of a person of good stature what drink you’d like before dinner, the correct answer is:

Bacardi and coke

A dry sherry

Bucks Fizz


4. When mixing with the nobility, your attitude to chargers (the larger, decorative plates often found on tables) should be:

‘‘I just can’t buy enough of them’’

‘‘What a waste of money’’

‘‘Only buy them if they’re Royal Crown Derby’’

‘‘I’m hoping to inherit some’’

5. Who is 14th in line to the British throne?

Princess Anne

Prince Andrew

Miss Isla Phillips

Prince George of Cambridge

6. Wimbledon takes place when?

Last two week of June

Middle two weeks of July

First two weeks of July

Last week of June, first week of July

7. Who is patron of Henley?

The reigning monarch

The Duke of Edinburgh

The Prince of Wales

The Duke of Cambridge

8. When royalty attends a civilian funeral, where in the church are they correctly seated?

Front left

Front right

In front of the altar facing the congregation

They sit where they please

9. In old French, ‘‘etiquette’’ meant what?


Horse racing



10. On a man’s three-buttoned jacket, which button should be fastened?




Top and middle

Answers: 1: Pudding. 2: The neck. 3: A dry sherry. 4: ‘‘What a waste of money.’’ 5: Miss Isla Phillips. 6: Last week of June, first week of July. 7: The reigning monarch. 8: Front left. 9: Ticket. 10: Middle.

How posh are you? QUIZ